Node.js Tools for Visual Studio includes intellisense support based upon Visual Studio’s existing JavaScript intellisense.  This provides a large amount of functionality including reference directives, XML documentation comments, and extensiblity.

In addition to the standard JavaScript intellisense experience Node.js Tools extends the experience to include intellisense against require.  Node.js ships with an understanding of the standard Node.js packages so you get completions after require('http') or require('fs') or other packages. 

Built-in modules intellisense

Node.js also models the packages which are within your project (the modules need to be in your project, not just on disk).  For example if you install express into node_modules you'll automatically get completions against the express object model. 

Express intellisense

Likewise as you develop your own packages within your project you'll get intellisense via require through the various packages.

Alpha bug note: Currently for large projects with lots of packages intellisense will sometimes stop working part way through a file.  This is dependent upon how many requires are used and how many other packages the required packages require as well as the speed of your computer.

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