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Welcome to the Node.js Tools for Visual Studio community. Node.js Tools for Visual Studio, aka NTVS, is a free/OSS plug-in that turns Visual Studio into a Node.js IDE. It only takes a few steps to get setup so let’s jump right into it.

Step 1: Installing the Node.js interpreter

The Node.js interpreter is built for 32-bit and 64-bit architectures. NTVS supports both. Only one is required and the node.js interpreter installer only supports one being installed at a time.

Step 2: Install Visual Studio

NTVS is a plug-in built on top of Visual Studio 2012 or VS2013. Currently NTVS only supports Full VS editions:

Step 3: Install Node.js Tools for Visual Studio

NTVS installs via msi and takes only a few minutes. Accept the license, click install, that’s it!


Step 4: Let’s make sure everything installed OK

We can do this validation using the Node.js Interactive Window.  The interactive window is part of NTVS and found on View->Other Windows->Node.js Interactive Window.


Now that the interactive window is open lets type some JavaScript. The interactive window supports everything you can do in code including require(). I’ll keep it simple showing a variable and the location of the node.js interpreter.


Step 5: That’s it!

You now have a Node.js IDE for Visual Studio. Please explore our documentation to find out more about our features such as debugging, profiling, intellisense, etc… Those wanting to be informed of our latest changes and interact with other NTVS users can join ntvstalk.

Node.js Tools for Visual Studio is OSS and can be found at The project is only visible to approved members, send us your codeplex name and we’ll happily add you to the list.

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