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node.js .CLR assembly--does one exist?

Oct 15, 2014 at 6:59 AM
After Googling around, I could not find an answer to my question, and the people here seem like an ideal audience who would know the answer if there is one.

I want to be able to invoke Javascript functions, based on node.js, from C#. Is there such a solution?

I've read about Edge.js, but that solves the problem primarily in the opposite direction: calling C# code from Javascript. The main presentation of Edge.js does cover Javascriipt from C#, but only in the context of a callback to a main Javascript process. i.e. JS->C#->JS. In my case, the main process is a C# app.

So, again, I am looking for a node.js CLR assembly that loads Javascript, and lets me call functions defined therein. As a bonus, the objects exposed to me are Expando-like (i.e. use dynamic).

Can anyone give me any leads?