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mixing app with nodejs app

Aug 12, 2014 at 6:13 PM
I would like to add the support for real time collaboration to the OWIN - Asp.Net Web API - Angularjs - Breeze based application. The problem is of course that all WebRTC application (seemingly) require nodejs as host while my existing app is OWIN (IIS) hosted.

The added difficulty is that I want the real time collaboration take place in the context of the "parent" (OWIN) application. Example: people using chat should be able to exchange the information that is maintained in the parent application; similar situation can arise in the video chat. This implies the need to open WebRTC app in the screen area owned by ASP.NET app - and iFrame based approach would not provide the needed context.

The unification where everything is hosted by Nodejs might be a possible solution (see this article) but It seems to me that my desire to provide real time collaboration may have too strong impact on overall architecture.

The mere existence of Node.js Tools for Visual Studio made me consider such a radical change - thanks to the whole team who created this wonderful tool.