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Important --- New DEVBUILD / Beta 2 candidate build is available - PLEASE try...

Jul 4, 2014 at 12:29 AM
hi folks,

thanks again for your patience - we have a new devbuild at

which is our 1st beta 2 candidate. please take it for a spin & let us know how it does on your app.

we're hoping to release the official beta 2 bits in ~ 2 wks & would love some feedback from you.

there have been a number of critical bug fixes, esp in the areas of memory usage & stability.

note that the new Analysis Engine is on by default and we no longer use the JSLS engine. you should get good results within a few minutes of loading your project and immediately on subsequent loads as results are cached. the new Analysis Engine scales much better, but it still provides some knobs for you under Tools/Options/Text Editor/Node.js/Intellisense to trade accuracy vs resource usage.

noteworthy additions:
  • contribution for Mocha support!
  • .npm command inside the repl
looking fwd to your feedback.