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Problem publishing through FTP

Apr 8, 2014 at 2:31 PM
When attempting to publish a node.js website to an (embedded) Linux system using an FTP connection, no files are actually transferred. The Linux system runs a ProFTPD server with a standard configuration, It seems things go wrong at the PORT and subsequent MLSD command. No file listing is being returned by the server. When I disable MLSD support on the server, and the LIST command is used the result is the same. Changing between active and passive modes does not help. When I use FileZilla and open a connection to the target the response to the PORT and MLSD commands is correct and a file listing is visible in FileZilla.
I did notice that VS2013 (update 2) sets the transfer mode to 'A' whereas FileZilla sets the transfer mode to 'I' before using the MLSD command.
Apr 22, 2014 at 4:38 PM
The FTP publishing code is a shared VS component that is used by all project systems that support web projects, so unfortunately we cannot fix this on our side - this needs to be reported directly to VS on Connect.

There seem to be some existing Connect bugs regarding FTP publish:

Can you take a look at those and see if either of them might be relevant to your case? If so, you might want to provide additional information about your repro in the comments there.

If none of those fit, then you can open a new bug in Connect. I can do it for you if you prefer, but opening it yourself will allow you to interact directly with the VS developers responsible for FTP publishing, providing more details about your repro etc.
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